The New American Right

We unequivocally believe in:

  • God.

  • Our country’s Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights.

  • Liberty.

  • Freedom.

  • America first.

  • Politics of Love.

  • Principles before party and allegiance to any leaders.

  • The people, the hard working men and women of our country.

  • The ideals and principles that our country was built upon.

  • Freedom of speech (ideas, thoughts, opinions and so forth) .

  • The fundamental right to bear arms against government tyranny and for self-defense.

  • Due process.

  • Diplomacy.

  • The rule of Law.

  • Equality of opportunity.

  • Human biology and genders: a male human being is a man, a female human being is a woman.

  • A small federal government that protects the inalienable rights of individuals.

  • Privacy.

  • Populism.

  • Nationalism over Globalism

  • Term limits.

  • Election and financial reforms.

  • Diversity of opinions and thoughts, civil, respectful and cordial debates

  • Diversity of professional, personal and social background.

  • Biological, physiological differences between a man and a woman

  • The limited right of Women to choose

  • Seeking common ground when values and beliefs are not radically opposed.

We unequivocally reject:

  • Marxism, communism and socialism.

  • Corporatism and socialism for the elites/Rich.

  • Corporate welfare.

  • Extreme individualism.

  • Extreme capitalism.

  • The idea of systemic racism.

  • Racism and xenophobia in all forms.

  • Unchecked, illegal, immigration.

  • Identity politics.

  • The idea of "white privileges".

  • Cancel and woke culture.

  • Regime change and wars.

  • Using free speech to purposely harm people.

  • The military-industrial complex.

  • Equality of outcome.

  • Critical race theory.

  • Violence against political opponents.

  • Globalism.

  • Corporations as people.

  • Government and private sector censorship.

  • Religious extremism.

  • Radical feminism.

  • Transwomen in women's sports.

  • Any forms of reparations for slavery.

  • The collusion of governments and elected officials with big business, lobbyists, and special interests.

  • Purism.

  • Identitarian policies.

  • Maximizing profit over Human well-being.

  • Billionaires and big corporations paying fewer taxes than the average individuals

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